Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

Jack Pinto

Service of Furniture Disassembly and Assembly

Our specialized personnel is the foundation of our quality service – a team of professionals that will make your moving much easier through a serious, fast and responsible work, caring for the transport of your belongings with the right amount of dedication and professionalism.

Furniture is disassembled and lined with blankets and other padding elements for its transportation with the highest safety. The transportation is performed on our moving vans, which are padded, for a harm-free transport for your furniture and other items. Once at the destination, your furniture and belongings will be unloaded, each item will be placed where it belongs and the entire apartment or store will be left ready for assembly.

In addition to our furniture assembly and disassembly service, we offer you our carpentry service in case you need to shorten or modify the furniture.
At Jack Pinto we care for each and every phase of the moving process.

Desmontaje y montaje servicio
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