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From sturdy boxes to high-quality packaging materials, we offer everything you need to make your move safer and more organized. Learn about our options and get ready for a hassle-free move.

Cardboard boxes

cajas de mudanzas jack pinto

LG Cardboard Boxes

Due to its size and strength, this box is the ideal multi-purpose option for all types of transportation situations – both for the transportation of documents and office files, and for fragile home items such as dishes, statuettes, or heavy items such as books.

RP Cardboard Boxes

This is a supplementary box that can be used to transport folded clothes and mid-sized items that are not too heavy while moving. They are available in various sizes for different items to be packaged.

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe boxes are available for the transportation of clothes on coat hangers. They have a bar that can be used to transport your clothes on the coat hanger itself, which makes them very useful when moving. You may use them for free on your moving day.

Bubble Wrap Entire Roll / Half Roll / Large size 3


Bubble Wrap Entire Roll

Half Roll


Large size 3

Coat Hangers / Cable tie / Film

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